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Edward O. Wilson: "Flora of the Chicago Region is magnificent — a major contribution to biodiversity studies. I'm very grateful for the copy you sent — and already going over it, with deep pleasure."

New Research Project: Dr. Wilhelm is working on a new book—Lichens of the Chicago Region

New Design Project: Margot Mazur is creating colorful botanical illustrations for public art projects based on her work in Flora of the Chicago Region

Registration is now open for CRI's two Field Seminars:  "Woodlands of the Chicago Region" and "Wetlands of the Chicago Region"

New website feature: Dr. Wilhelm's "Field Notes"

Upcoming Radio Interview:

Dr. Gerould Wilhelm and Mike MacDonald

will talk about the making of Flora of the Chicago Region: A Floristic and Ecological Synthesis

Tuesday, January 23, 12:25 pm

WBEZ Chicago 91.5fm